Compulsory Item Checklist
Runners are required to have the following with them at all times along the route:
  1. a small waist/backpack to carry two drinking bottles or a bladder (minimum of 1.5-litre capacity).
  2. emergency whistle
  3. GPS with race route pre-loaded - enquire with us as to what is acceptable in this regard.
  4. full waterproof jacket (taped seams & hood)
  5. long sleeve mid-layer / fleece
  6. buff/beanie
  7. compression bandage / strapping2
  8. space blanket
  9. reusable/plastic cup - no cup, no race
  10. torch/headlamp & 2 sets of fresh batteries (1 in the torch/headlamp, and 1 spare)
  11. medical info card (provided in your race pack) - due to the nature of the terrain, we do not always have cellphone or radio signal, so should a medic have to treat you in an emergency in such an area, having your basic medical information on hand (blood type, allergies, medical aid no, emergency contact) is essential. Keep this in a ziplock bag in your pack.
  12. running peak or cap
  13. sunglasses